5 Common Childhood Illnesses and Their Treatments

5 Common Childhood Illnesses and Their Treatments

Jul 01, 2019

Raising children involves a lot of decision making. Everyone knows about the decisions like how late you should let your children stay up during the week or at what age they’re old enough to take care of a cell phone. But what about life-threatening decisions such as when to treat childhood illnesses at home or when to take your child to pediatric emergency care in Waco?

Every Scenario Will Be Different

Although that question will require more evaluation than a mere overview of symptoms within this article, the following are some pointers to help you decide whether your child’s condition is treatable at home or if you should be searching for an “ER near me” for urgent care in Waco.

1. Common Cold and Respiratory Tract Infections are caused by viruses and bacteria that attack your child’s upper respiratory tract. The most common symptoms of this condition include congestion in the chest, swollen glands, a runny nose, and coughing. Although the condition typically improves on its own within 7-10 days, you may need to seek treatment from an emergency room in Waco for antibiotics to stave off or cure strep throat.

2. Unexplained Fainting Spells can happen to children suffering from a condition known as syncope. Although your child may be experiencing these not uncommon spells from physical exhaustion or emotional stress, they can also be a sign of low blood sugar levels. Although syncope is not considered an emergency medical condition, if you’re concerned about the reasons behind it, an emergency room in Waco can help in the diagnosis and treatment.

3. Ear Pain and Ear Aches are both very common in children and can often be an indicator of an ear infection or a build-up of pressure in their sinuses. Unless your child is complaining of excruciating pain, this is a condition that can typically wait for normal office hours at your pediatrician. However, if you’re new in town and haven’t yet developed a relationship for pediatric care in Waco, an emergency room can assist.

4. Eczema and Other Skin Infections can be painful for children and require careful management – by either you or a healthcare professional – to keep the condition from worsening. If you’d like to try something at home before seeking treatment from your pediatrician or an emergency room in Waco, TX, talk to your pharmacist for an antifungal cream suggestion.

5. Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Unexplained Abdominal Pain can often be signs of an underlying condition that could warrant medical attention. One tip to prevent the onset of these conditions is to make sure your child maintains good hygiene practices – at home and when away!

No One Should Have to Wait for Answers About Their Child’s Health

The bottom line when it comes the health of your child is that if you want answers now, you deserve to get them! Visit Express ER now to get the information you need!

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