6 Dehydration Facts that May Surprise You

6 Dehydration Facts that May Surprise You

Aug 16, 2019

Water is vital for your body to function in its most efficient state. One of the biggest reasons that people end up at the ER near them is dehydration. Not having enough fluids will start a whole bunch of conditions, which means you might have to be transported to the urgent care in Waco. The excellent news is emergency care in Waco can help with these issues and get patients back on their feet. However, dehydration is something straightforward to solve, and should never be the reason that you are in the 24-hour emergency room near you. These six dehydration facts are surprising, and the good news is they are easy to fix with a continuous intake of water.

Americans are Chronically Dehydrated

A recent survey of around 3,000 Americans found 75% of them to be chronically dehydrated. There are several reasons for this – too much exercise and too little water or the intake of certain beverages like caffeinated drinks. You may not feel dehydrated, but the chances are you could very well need a glass of water.

Thirst is the Best Indicator of Dehydration

Your body is an amazing machine. Just like a check engine light in a car alerts you to a problem, when you are thirsty, this means you are dehydrated. The brain is using neurotransmitters to let you know it could use a nice sip of water.

Fatigue and Dehydration

One of the most significant factors in fatigue is a lack of water. Coffee may energize you, but it is temporary. A glass of water will do the trick.

Dehydration Leads to Cognitive Problems

If you are feeling foggy or a bit irritable, this is because the brain is overheating in a sense. Make sure that you are getting plenty of water, and you will feel much more alert and happy.

Metabolism Boost

Want to know how to lose weight without trying? Drinking water. Athletes drink a gallon of water a day so that their metabolism operates at peak efficiency.

Avoiding Stones

The biggest reason people get kidney stones? Dehydration. The particulates are somewhat soluble, so if you drink water, they get released correctly.

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