Fewer Lights/Sirens When a Woman Heart Patient is in the Ambulance

Fewer Lights/Sirens When a Woman Heart Patient is in the Ambulance

Feb 01, 2019

Women are often underdiagnosed when it comes to heart disease and other issues involving the heart. They are less likely to be recommended correct treatment than men are, even for basic issues that only require aspirin or monitoring of cardiac activity. Another shocking find is that EMS personnel were less likely to use sirens and lights when they transported women than when they transport men to a hospital near me.

This is not uncommon around the world. There have been several studies that found the same was true in place like Australia and Norway. This is difficult to imagine because most individuals assume that lights denote a medical emergency that needs urgent care at a hospital. If a female patient is being transported and does not have sirens or lights on, then she is at the mercy of traffic and will not get to the hospital as fast as her male counterpart would.

Controversial Lights

Sirens and lights have become a somewhat controversial issue for medical personnel and EMS workers. Physicians list some of the benefits of not using sirens and lights as:

  • Reducing accidents related to emergency vehicles
  • Noise of sirens causes distress to patients in the vehicle
  • EMS workers are at risk of hearing damage due to sirens
  • Response time does not make as much of a difference as the public believes

EMS Guidelines

There are some guidelines as to what problems prompt EMS personnel to turn on lights and sirens. There are five categories of injuries or conditions that are deemed true emergencies. These include:

  • Cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Obstructed airways or other airway issues
  • Severe trauma
  • Pregnancy or birth-related emergencies

According to the list of true emergencies, cardiac problems and heart attack treatment in Waco, TX is number one and is considered time-sensitive in order to provide proper heart attack treatment in 76710. These emergencies should require flashing lights due to the severity of issues. Lights and sirens should be used for both men and women – not just the former. Get emergency treatment near me if you feel abnormal symptoms in your chest that could indicate a heart attack.

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