Purpose and Uses of Ultrasound Imaging

Purpose and Uses of Ultrasound Imaging

Mar 03, 2022

What Is Ultrasound Imaging?

It is a diagnostic technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to transmit images of different organs of the body. You have probably heard of ultrasound near you for pregnant women checking the health of their unborn child, but that is not the only use for ultrasound imaging.

​Ultrasound scans in Waco, also called sonography, can diagnose various health problems once they transmit the images to the insides of your body. They work alongside other diagnostic digital tests like CT scans and x-rays. The images of your body will be in real-time, allowing a medical specialist to use the information for making projections about your health, and recommend relevant treatments.

How does Ultrasound Imaging Work?

When you visit us at Express Emergency Room Waco, the first protocol would be to prepare for the test. You will change into a gown that allows easy access to the target area of your body. One of our doctors will then apply a gel on that part of your body to begin the test. Since no pain is involved in such a test, the only discomfort you should anticipate is the cold sensation when the gel touches your skin. However, the gel is necessary as it blocks out any air that may block sound waves from transmitting properly to create the diagnostic images. With a small device called a transducer, the doctor will gently press on your skin, moving back and forth on the target area. This device will exchange sound waves with your body, then send them to a computer that translates them into images.

In other cases, the imaging is done inside the body. For such, the transducer goes through a natural opening in your body. An example of such an opening is the mouth, vagina, or rectum. In that case, it means that no surgery is needed at any point when it regards ultrasound imaging.

When Is Ultrasound Imaging Used?

​Ultrasound imaging is a vital diagnostic tool, predominantly present in the emergency room near you. However, it is not mandatory to keep looking for an ER with ultrasound services since the diagnostic tool is available in general hospitals and some clinics and doctors’ offices. Some of the reasons why imaging is crucial in medicine are:

  1. Monitoring the health of a fetus during pregnancy
  2. Evaluating the health of the reproductive organs – the test is crucial for women trying to get pregnant or have high-risk pregnancies that need delicate care and keen attention.
  3. Diagnosing gallbladder problems.
  4. Diagnosing thyroid problems
  5. Examining the breast tissue – especially when patients have lumps and bumps.
  6. Guiding needles and tubes into your system – common during medical procedures like biopsy

Is Ultrasound Imaging Safe?

Not every day do you go out looking for ​24/7 ER imaging services near you because you do not always need them. If anything, it is the responsibility of your doctor to recommend an ultrasound when you need it. Still, there is nothing to be afraid of concerning ultrasound images. The service works by relaying sound vibrations into images that are easy to interpret. The technology uses low-power sound waves, which are within a safe level for your body. Besides, if ultrasounds can be used on pregnant women regardless of how delicate their pregnancies are, they surely must be safe for you.

Is Ultrasound Imaging Effective for All Body Organs?

Although ultrasound imaging is quite effective when used, it cannot work for all body parts. Ideally, the service relies on sound waves. However, sound waves hardly travel properly through bones or air. As such, ultrasounds have a limitation when it regards diagnosing parts of the body filled with gas or lying behind bones. Such body parts include the head or lungs. For such, your doctor in an emergency room near you will recommend other diagnostic tests like CT scans or x-rays.


Not every test done in medicine should get you worked up or getting anxious due to the anticipation of pain. When it comes to diagnostic tests, they are mostly harmless, painless, and quick procedures that will help your doctor come up with an accurate prognosis for your treatment.

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