Recover from Fractures by Increasing Calcium Intake


While most people know that calcium can play a huge role in increasing bone strength, some are unaware of its equally important role in general health by slowing – or stopping – the bone loss process.

The Role of Calcium in Your Well-Being

So, you may be wondering why the proper intake of calcium plays such a starring role in your health, but the answer is simpler than you might at first think. The naturally-occurring mineral is significant in improving the healing of fractured bones – something that can happen to anyone, at any age, and at any time — and send them to a Waco emergency room when they least expect it.

The Myth About Bone Fractures

Many people associate bone fractures with the elderly, or with women who are experiencing osteoporosis, but the truth is that no one plans for a bone fracture happen – it’s not scheduled in advance on the calendar feature of a Smartphone. That’s why identifying urgent care in Waco is so critical before an injury occurs.

How Urgent Care in Waco Can Help Treat the Pain Commonly Associated with Bone Fractures

Although our board-certified staff at Express ER in Waco are fully trained and equipped to handle any urgent care medical need that arises, the subject of this article is a focus on fractures. Our advanced imaging technology will allow us to determine if you’re experiencing a fracture, a break, a muscle pull, or any number of other conditions that could be contributing to your pain. From routine to advanced testing, our radiological equipment ensures a quick diagnosis so you can be given the best treatment plan for your need.

Calcium as a Preventative Measure

Calcium plays a crucial role in preventative care, as well. Studies have shown that diets that are rich in Vitamin D help reduce inflammation that is a known too contribute to the development of arthritis. If you’re looking for ways to augment the calcium in your diet instead of taking a supplement, consider food options such as raw milk, kale, almonds, and sardines.

Why Is This an Important Topic?

Because compromised bone integrity can prompt many unsuspecting patients to seek an “ER near me” when they experience certain conditions that could have been better managed with proper calcium intake.

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