Vaping May Be More Dangerous Than We Realized


If you’ve recently substituted smoking tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes and now think that you’ll never have to search for an emergency room in Waco due to your new habit’s effect on your body, here’s some sobering news. You’re wrong. Unfortunately, study after study is showing that vaping may be a more dangerous health risk than many people first thought.

They May Have Lied to You

Smoking has long been the leading preventable cause of death in the US, and vaping companies took advantage of this fact to claim that their e-cigarettes could help people addicted to the traditional habit transition over to a habit that was less damaging. But this new craze has one flaw – it’s newness.

What Time Will Reveal

Almost every expert agrees that the risk of cancer may be reduced in vaping versus traditional cigarettes, but because the science behind e-cigarettes is still young, the full impact from the ultrafine particles of vaping may not be fully flushed out for years. And in the meantime, those who are vaping may indeed discover the exact same thing that tobacco users discovered after the science was in on that habit – it’s a deadly habit.

Time May Not Be on Your Side

Because certain cancers and heart disease can take years to develop, testing for the negative health risk of e-cigarettes may not have been in place long enough to know whether the health risks are lingering inside seemingly healthy bodies. What that means to you is that there hasn’t been enough time to study the full health risk associated with vaping, and time may not be on your side. You may indeed end up in a Waco emergency room from a chronic lung or heart condition – or more – that medical science has not yet linked to this deadly habit.

Physical Injuries Associated with the Habit

Express ER in Waco has treated countless patients who’ve been physically injured from vaping. Apart from lung and heart concerns, e-cigarettes are known to cause physical injuries such as burns, blindness, dental damage, and scars.

An Addiction is Still an Addiction

The bottom line is that if you vape, it’s an addiction. And if you’ve quit smoking tobacco to make the switch to e-cigarettes, all you’ve really done is substitute one addiction for another.

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