What Do We Need To Know About The Covid-19 Delta Variant?

What Do We Need To Know About The Covid-19 Delta Variant?

Sep 01, 2021

Today, the world is still healing from a pandemic that changed our lives as we knew it. Many of us have hoped that a full year or so of restrictions is the worst we have to face. Sadly, we are not in the clear yet. We’ve learned so much about the virus and we now have vaccines for it. However, the covid-19 delta variant is an altered version of our common enemy. We will answer the most common questions on everyone’s lips in this article.

Where Is The Delta Variant Of Covid From?

The covid-19 delta variant was first identified in December 2020. This case was recorded in India. Since then, it has moved gradually to Britain, then the U.S, and around the world. Today, it is the foremost cause of the covid infection in the world. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) says that Delta was the cause of more than 80% of new U.S. COVID-19 cases as of July 2021.

How Long Does The Delta Variant Symptoms Last?

Some studies of the corona virus delta variant symptoms day-by-day have suggested that some symptoms differ from the original corona virus symptoms. However, this is not very significant. First-hand information from physicians caring for these patients indicates that the symptoms remain the usual. Hence, the delta variant incubation period is the same as that of the original strain. The same thing applies to the delta variant symptom timeline.

There’s only one problem- the delta variant makes people sicker at a faster rate than the original strain. Also, young people may not have the upper hand unlike before because they are more affected. Come see us at Express ER (Waco) if you notice any unusual symptoms.

Why Is The Delta Variant Spreading Covid-19 Faster?

The delta variant is two times more contagious than the original strain of covid-19. It is the most contagious strain that has been discovered so far. This is the most worrying concern about the strain and it explains how the delta variant spread over the world in a short while.

Is The Delta Variant More Deadly?

It appears so. It spreads faster and makes people sicker. Its effects are worse in the unvaccinated population and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

Is There A Vaccine Effective Against the Covid-19 Delta Variant?

There is no delta variant covid vaccine yet. All we have are the vaccines against the original strain. However, they are still very relevant today. Most people infected with the delta variant are unvaccinated people. The disease progresses faster and is more deadly in them.

Across the U.S, infection rates are worse in unvaccinated areas and both young and old are affected. Now, does this mean that vaccinated people are not getting infected at all? No. There have been cases where vaccinated people tested positive for the delta variant. However, the delta variant symptoms in vaccinated people are usually mild, if present at all. Moreover, they rarely get hospitalized. Death is quite unlikely in the vaccinated population too.

You may have reservations about the vaccine. But the truth remains that getting the vaccine is a better bet. Reach out to us at Express ER (Waco) if you want to get vaccinated.

What Other Measures Should I Take To Protect Myself Against The Virus?

If you are vaccinated, then good for you. However, you should not be completely relaxed about the preventive measures to protect yourself. We still advise that you use your face mask when outdoors. If you are not sure of the vaccination status of people in a large gathering, it’s best to avoid the gathering. Regular hand washing and/or use of a hand sanitizer are also important.

Are There Other Variants Of Concern?

Yes. We’ve had the Alpha strain first seen in Great Britain, the Beta strain that first appeared in South Africa, and the Gamma strain identified in Brazil. None of them have measured up to the delta variant yet. Reports of the Lambda variant out of South America are also emerging. Your job remains to stay safe. Do not hesitate to contact us at the Express ER (Waco) if you have any concerns about the virus.

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