Car Accidents Waco, TX

Car Accidents Waco, TX

Have you recently been involved in a car accident in Waco, TX, and you’re now wondering if you have any injuries that may surface at a future point in time, even if you’re not in pain right now? You may not immediately realize that you need medical care from your automobile accident, especially if there weren’t obvious injuries; however, other injuries may not become apparent for a few days or weeks afterward. If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, there’s no better time than now to visit us for immediate testing and observation so your injuries cannot be denied as stemming from a car accident.

Testing and Observation with Our Advanced Equipment

With our advanced testing and observation equipment at Express ER in Waco, TX, diagnosis for injuries from your automobile accident can easily be detected and treated to prevent the condition from worsening. For example, your emergency physician at Express ER may recommend additional observation during your treatment to rule out the possibility of future health concerns surfacing from the car accident so a link between the accident and your injury can be maintained.

Receive the Paperwork You Need

Whether or not you were at fault in your car accident in Waco, insurance companies from all parties will require documentation specific to your injury. Our doctors and staff at our Waco Emergency Room provide every patient with all the information they will need to file a claim for liability or reimbursement. This streamlined process will detail all of the care you received, including diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, cultures, and more, including recommendations for future care that may impact your ability to attend work or school.

Don’t Ignore Your Car Accident in Waco

Litigation and worker’s compensation specialists recommend that it’s always better to know upfront whether or not future injuries have the potential to surface after an automobile accident. Prepare yourself to answer impending questions, even if you feel totally fine while reading this. Remember, many injuries from automobile accidents will not impact your quality of life or your ability to work or attend school for several weeks.

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