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At Express ER in Waco, we specialize in providing top-tier COVID-19 emergency services. Our facility is fully-equipped with the latest medical technology, and our team comprises healthcare professionals who are deeply committed to offering high-quality care 24/7. In these challenging times, you can rely on us to deliver prompt and efficient medical responses to COVID-19 related emergencies.

Comprehensive COVID-19 Care

The threat posed by COVID-19 requires a specialized approach to emergency care. At Express ER, we are fully prepared to address a wide range of COVID-19 concerns, from initial testing to critical care for advanced cases. Our goal is to ensure that every patient receives the fastest and most effective treatment possible.

Our Extensive Services Include:

  1. 24/7 Emergency Room Access: We understand that emergencies don’t wait. Our emergency room in Waco, TX, is open around the clock to ensure that you always have access to expert care when you need it most.
  2. Rapid COVID-19 Testing and Results: We provide a variety of testing services, including rapid antigen and PCR tests, to quickly determine your COVID-19 status. Fast and accurate results help us tailor our treatment strategies effectively.
  3. Dedicated Isolation Areas: We have designated specific areas of our facility to treat patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. These isolation zones are equipped with advanced air filtration systems to control the spread of the virus, ensuring a safer environment for both our patients and staff.
  4. Advanced Treatment Options: For patients experiencing severe symptoms, we offer advanced respiratory support and other critical care options. Our facility is equipped with high-quality ventilators and monitored intensive care units to manage severe cases of COVID-19.

Why Choose Express ER Waco?

Choosing where to go in an emergency is a critical decision. Here are a few reasons why Express ER Waco stands out:

  1. Efficiency: Our streamlined processes ensure you receive care without unnecessary delays. We pride ourselves on having significantly shorter wait times compared to traditional hospital emergency rooms.
  2. Expertise: Our medical team is comprised of professionals who have extensive training in emergency medicine, including the latest protocols for managing COVID-19.
  3. Patient-Centered Care: We believe in treating each patient with respect, empathy, and personalized attention. Your health and comfort during treatment are our top priorities.
  4. Safety Measures: We adhere strictly to guidelines outlined by the esteemed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ensuring our facility remains clean and safe for everyone.

We are dedicated to alleviating the stress of a medical emergency, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms or has been exposed to the virus, come to Express ER Waco, the ER near you, which is ready to provide exceptional emergency care.

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We do recommend checking-in online for immediate emergency care. Express ER is open 24/7/365 for any of your family’s emergency medical care needs.

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