COVID and Flu: Know Where to Get Treated for “Twindemic”

COVID and Flu: Know Where to Get Treated for "Twindemic"

Nov 08, 2022

Getting the flu is never fun and can be a serious problem for certain people. That COVID-19 is here to stay adds another concern to the mix. Doctors and researchers are now calling this flu season a “twindemic.” COVID-19 and flu twindemic is more than just catchy name; it is a major concern. It’s one thing to have to deal with either the flu or COVID-19; now that there is a potential that some people could have to deal with both, it’s a time to worry.

However, just because we’re now dealing with both the flu and COVID-19 doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it. Staying safe is about having the right information and knowing where to get treatment. Thankfully, whether you have the flu, COVID-19, or both, you can come to your local 24 emergency room for flu and COVID-19 treatments near me.

Express ER Waco is more than just your local ER near me. We have an expertly trained staff that has flu treatment, COVID-19 treatment, and testing for both so that even if you don’t know whether you are sick, we have you covered. Keep reading to learn more about this twindemic and how to keep yourself safe.

How to Tell What Kind of Treatment You Need?

The tricky part about dealing with COVID-19 and the flu is that patients and doctors have very few ways to tell them apart unless they get tested. Flu causes, symptoms, and treatments are all well-known and researched. Still, because COVID-19 has the same symptoms as the flu, only they last longer, can appear after several days of being contagious, or not appear at all, this makes the difference between the two nearly impossible.

We recommend all patients stay up to date on their vaccinations and come to our Express ER in Waco when they notice any symptoms. We can tell if patients have one virus or both with a standard test for either virus and administer treatments for the corresponding illness.

What If I’m At High Risk?

That is all the more reason to come straight to us. People with certain conditions are at risk for complications from the flu and COVID-19, making catching either virus all the deadlier.

If you are excessively overweight (BMI of 40 or above), have a history of lung or heart problems, are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, have a chronic illness, have a weakened immune system, are under the age of 2 or over the age of 65 or have had respiratory issues previously. You are at a higher risk of severe complications from these viruses.

We recommend any patients at risk come in immediately to seek treatment even if they don’t notice all the hallmark symptoms.

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