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Common Emergency Care Symptoms

At Express ER in Waco, we are dedicated to providing the best emergency care possible, regardless of how minor or severe, your health condition is. At our freestanding emergency room in Waco, we are equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

Common Conditions Seen in Emergency Care

Some of the most common reasons for emergency care visits at Express ER, and the most common injuries and illnesses include:


When it comes to fevers it is important to closely monitor them, for adults, a temperature of 103 degrees or higher is a sign that immediate emergency care may be required. For children who are 1 or older, a temperature of 101 degrees or higher warrants emergency care. For those under one year, anything above 100.4 should be of concern.

Abdominal Pain

When it comes to abdominal pain, it is most often nothing serious and can be easily treated, However, if you experience sudden, sharp pain in the abdomen, stomach pain accompanied by pain in the shoulder, chest or neck along with stomach pain accompanied by blood in stool or vomit you should seek emergency care immediately. Mild pain that persists more than a few days and/or a stomach that feels hard/tender to the touch should also be treated quickly.

Chest Pain

When it comes to experiencing chest pain, it can be a very scary experience for anyone even if it isn’t a heart attack. Sore muscles, digestive complications, angina, and even pneumonia can be contributors to chest pain. If your chest pain does not resolve quickly, feels crushing, is accompanied by shortness of breath, dizziness, sweating or even nausea, we recommend seeking immediate emergency care.


When it comes to common symptoms, headaches and migraines are some of the most common and can be caused by a range of factors. If your headache is due to a blow to the head, is associated with a stiff neck or results in unconsciousness, we recommend visiting Express ER in Waco immediately.

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