What Should Be in My Survival Kit?

What Should Be in My Survival Kit?

Aug 25, 2018

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, resulting in catastrophic damage that left many stranded and without homes or supplies. Whether it is a hurricane, earthquake or any other kind of disaster, a survival kit is an extremely important thing to have to ensure your survival. Things such as food, water, sanitation, and even shelter should be considered, in certain events people can be left without resources for months.

At Express ER in Waco we are dedicated to our community and ensuring that everyone is safe and healthy, we recommend the following items for your disaster survival kit:


When it comes to preparing for a disaster, food is always a necessity. We recommend at minimum a few days of food, if not more. When selecting food for your survival kit, make sure you select foods with a long shelf life so that the contents won’t need to be replaced or go bad when disaster strikes.


Did you know that you can die from dehydration in just 10 days? Water is another valuable resource for your survival kit that could save your life. Remember to take into consideration, drinking water, cooking water and even water for sanitation.


When is the last time you went days or even weeks without a shower? In the event of a disaster, the ability to properly sanitize and have good hygiene is usually impacted. We recommend wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and even a pail that can be used as a toilet.


During many disasters, power is no longer available and at times can take weeks or even months to restore to certain areas. We recommend packing flashlights, candles, and even waterproof matches to ensure you have a light source if you need.

First Aid

When disaster strikes, there are often injuries associated. We recommend having a first aid kit as part of your survival kit which should include bandages, scissors, disinfectants, ointments, and even medicine.


Where would you go in the event your home is destroyed during a disaster? Being adequately prepared with shelter should be highly important. Tarps, blankets, sleeping bags, and even tents should be considered to ensure you stay warm and are protected.

Survival Gear

Depending upon the extent of the disaster, survival gear is also recommended, including knives, tools, masks, tape and even rope. While it may seem a bit overboard, these items can come in handy during a variety of situations.

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